Chanel Miller Reads Powerful Poem About Sexual Assault Survivors at Glamour Women of the Year Awards

“I don’t give a damn.”

After being honored at the 2016 Glamour Women of the Year Awards as the anonymous sexual assault survivor Emily Doe, Chanel Miller took the stage at the 2019 awards on November 11 to read a powerful poem in support of survivors everywhere.

Miller revealed her name in September 2019, after being known to the world as the anonymous survivor in the Stanford sexual assault case for many years. With her book Know My Name, Miller not only came forward with her name but also her story, which she said was her way of showing the world she’s “so much more” than the painful details of her assault. At the 2019 Glamour Women of the Year Awards, Miller continued to show the world exactly how powerful she is, reading a poem she wrote called “I Don’t Give a Damn.”

“I don’t give a damn/ What you were wearing/ I don’t give a damn how much you drank/ I don’t give a damn/ If you danced with him earlier in the evening/ If you texted him first/ Or were the one to go back to his place,” Miller said, according to Glamour. “People may continue to come up with reasons ‘why it happened’/ But the truth is, I don’t give a damn.”

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Posted on November 13, 2019 at 7:29 pm

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